Plan labour requirements from October to December for important canopy management practices (suckering, tipping, tucking in of shoots and crop control) and make bookings with contractors in good time if your own labour force is insufficient.


Pay special attention to:

Disease control

  • The emphasis is on preventive control of downy mildew and oidium.
  • Monitor especially after showers of more than 10 mm.
  • Type of product selected (contact versus systemic) depending on weather conditions.

Pest control

  • Monitor and control erinose, snails and snout beetles if financially viable.
  • Also monitor early mealybug (traps now available) and ant movement and control if necessary.

Vine development

  • Green shoot development to be undertaken at second foliage- and vigorous first foliage vines.
  • Bearer spacing to be done on young vines where cordon shoots have developed on the wire.

Canopy management

  • It is beneficial and economical to start suckering at 5 – 10 cm shoot length.
  • Quality/high income vineyards get preferential treatment.
  • Tip uneven shoots to obtain even shoot growth at 60 cm shoot length.
  • Fold in shoots or place movable foliage wires in position when shoots are approximately 45 – 60 cm.


  • Start fertilising at 15 – 30 cm shoot length if required.


  • It is important to monitor soil moisture; water consumption is still very low – irrigate before flowering only if there is a lack of soil moisture.

Cover crops

  • Try to build up mulch of the berm especially on lean, poor and low water retention soils.
  • Flatten by dragging if sufficiently dry.
  • In wet years and where snails are a problem – allow cover crop to grow for as long as possible in the work row.


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