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Since 1931, WineLand has been the go-to source of information for the South African wine industry. Winemakers, grape-growers, viticulturists, service providers & suppliers, researchers & academics, wine marketers & decision-makers all turn to WineLand for up-to-date and relevant content that truly captures the dynamic spirit of the Cape Winelands. Covering the entire spectrum of the wine value-chain, WineLand articles range from the latest in business and production trends (locally and internationally), viticulture and winemaking research, including social upliftment, learning, development, transformation, wine tourism, technology, marketing and advocacy.

WineLand Magazine (formerly known as Die Wynboer) is a monthly print publication, published and distributed by WineLand Media, a division of South Africa Wine, a non-profit company created to provide critical services to the wine and brandy industry value chain players to enable the industry to become more robust, transformed, agile and competitive.

The magazine is read by a subscriber base that includes 2 000+ producers and wineries, 750+ winemakers, 200+ viticulturists, including various other educational institutions, media key directors and managers, advertising agencies as well as suppliers and service providers to the industry.

The Technical section comprises mainly research articles from experts in the field of viticulture, oenology, soil science and agro-economics. This section is compiled in collaboration with SA Wine’s Research, Development & Innovation division. WineLand Media publishes the South African Wine Industry Directory 2022, a comprehensive guide to the wine industry value chain. The bulk of the index comprises profiles of all active wine producers, cellars and wineries, including new information on the pandemic impact, media and wine influencers, local and international organisations, wine routes & regions, production areas and grafted vine nurseries, as well as suppliers & service providers.

In recent years, WineLand Media has expanded its digital presence across all of its online platforms, including its website, social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin & Instagram), monthly e-Newsletter and video production services.

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