Enartis brings artificial intelligence to wineries and inspires a new vision of “Smart Enology”

by | Feb 15, 2023 | Article, News

Italian multinational collaborates with WINEGRID and confirms itself as a pioneer that integrates cutting-edge technologies into its winemaking solutions.

Enartis, an Italian multinational operating in the market of enological products and services and part of the Esseco Group, is once again at the forefront of technology in winemaking processes. Due to a partnership with WINEGRID, a Portuguese engineering company specializing in winemaking monitoring solutions, Enartis will exclusively distribute WINEGRID innovative solutions worldwide which detect critical production data in real-time during the various stages of winemaking. The obtained information is analyzed and interpreted through advanced algorithms and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies within a proprietary information system on a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform.

In line with Enartis’ mission to support wineries around the world to achieve ever-higher wine quality, the WINEGRID technology now distributed by Enartis will enable winemakers to improve decision-making, increasing the efficiency of their wineries. In fact, due to refined analysis and forecasting capabilities, winemakers will be able to intervene promptly with corrective actions in cases of suboptimal parameters.


“This partnership meets our primary vocation of always being one step ahead in our industry. The interaction with the most advanced forms of technology proposed by WINEGRID, including Artificial Intelligence, allows us to offer, not only solutions and control, but strategic design of wines with a systematic and scientific approach,” says Piermario Ticozzelli, Strategic Business Director of Enartis.

Indeed, the proposed innovative technology allows wine producers to constantly monitor the winemaking process and perform predictive analysis of their production, minimizing the need for product sampling and analysis during processing.

“For us, Enartis represents access to proximity with the wine production sector in all nations and the perfect integration between two worlds of expertise born separately, but naturally complementary. Together we listen to the ‘voice’ of wine and provide the solutions to its needs,” says Rogério Nogueira, CEO and Co-founder of WINEGRID.

Always committed to combining innovation and quality for products and services for enology, Enartis along with WINEGRID, projects the sector into the future and brings the concept of “Smart Enology” to increase competitiveness and efficiency in the winery, while constantly respecting and enhancing the identity of the wine.

Piermario Ticozzelli

With Enartis since 2006, Piermario Ticozzelli, as CEO of Enartis Spain, has assumed responsibility for one of the company’s priority markets, with the aim of merging experience and successes globally.

Piermario Ticozzelli, Enartis Strategic Business Director and CEO Enartis Spain

Since 2012, he has been the head of the strategic division of Enartis. In this role, he directs the strategic development of products and technologies that help wineries around the world be increasingly competitive in producing quality wines with a greater focus on environmental sustainability, the red thread of all research activities conducted by the company.

From 2000 to 2006, Piermario Ticozzelli was managing director of Intec, an Italian supplier of solutions for enology. Previously, he served as Area Sales Manager at Gist Brocades Food Ingred, a U.S. company at the forefront of food biotechnology, now part of the Dutch multinational DSM. Ticozzelli began his career at Diversey, a global leader in cleaning, disinfection and hygiene solutions in the hospitality, foodservice and food industries, as Business Development Manager.

A graduate in Agronomy and Food Technology from the University of Milan in February 1992, Piermario Ticozzelli is passionate about Renaissance art and history.

Rogério Nogueira

Rogério Nogueira is a Portuguese entrepreneur and scientist, co-founder and CEO of WINEGRID.

Rogério Nogueira, co-founder and CEO of WINEGRID

He holds a Physics Engineering and Ph.D. degrees in Physics, both from the University of Aveiro, Portugal. Later he obtained an Executive MBA from the MIT Sloan School in Massachusetts. He got a mixed experience in industry and academy, which includes being Head of Photonics at Telecommunications Institute in Portugal, General Director of the Creative Science Park in Aveiro, Innovation Manager at Nokia Siemens Networks, and invited Professor at the Universities of Aveiro and IPSN in Portugal and UTFPR (Brazil). This experience, along with his natural curiosity and desire for innovation, allowed him to co-author more than 400 publications and 10 patents related to sensors and communications. The foundation of Winegrid also reflects this desire to bring innovation to society, in this case, to winemaking.

He is Vice-President and co-founder of the Portuguese Optical Society, President of the Portuguese branch of the International Commission for Optics, and an invited expert for the European Commission in different programs related to innovation and technology.

On a personal dimension, he appreciates different aspects related to innovation, sports, art, traveling and, of course, good wine.

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