G.H. Mumm & Usain Bolt launch the ultimate celebration champagne: The Mumm Olympe Rosé

by | Jan 28, 2019 | Blog, Lifestyle, News

At an official press conference in Johannesburg, champagne house, G.H. Mumm announced a unique partnership with nine-time Olympic gold medalist, Usain Bolt. Bolt will release his very own cuvée – Mumm Olympe Rosé.

A press conference was held on Thursday (24 January 2019) to announce the launch of G.H Mumm’s most daring champagne. Over the years, the leading champagne brand has partnered with giants in various industries and this year was no exception. Nine-time Olympic gold medalist, Usain Bolt was hailed one of Mumm’s trailblazers and celebrated his next victory by revealing a new limited addition of Bolt’s own cuvée – Mumm Olympe Rosé. Held at The Maslow Hotel, Johannesburg, the conference brought together South Africa’s renowned media to witness the revolutionised and redefined new champagne.

The House and Bolt have worked together to create this champagne, reserved for the most vibrant celebrations in the world. The name “Olympe” evokes Bolt’s successes, his Olympic medals and his pioneering spirit.  Mumm Olympe Rosé brings to life the daring spirit of the House when it comes to exploring new territories in the world of champagne with the addition of a liqueur de dosage aged in cognac barrels. Intense, lively and fresh, Mumm Olympe Rosé is characterised by the intensity of Pinot Noir and its subtle gourmet notes.

At the centre of the press conference, was Usain Bolt and the state-of-the-art bottle which stimulated interests and dialogue about the inspiration behind the design and taste of the champagne.   The Mumm bottle scores an aesthetic win with its striking appearance, long in shape with a slender neck. Its pink salmon look is matched by the taste of a smoothness and roundness coming from the liqueur de dosages and a burst of fresh sparkles to the palate.

In response to a question about the unique way in which the Olympe Rosé was made Bolt said: “In Jamaica we do this naturally, we mix cognac with champagne, and it’s something that I enjoy. So when we sat down in the first meeting and we were trying to figure out what direction we wanted to go with for the bottle and with the drink I mentioned it and asked ‘is it possible?’ and they said ‘yes’. So for me that was something I was happy about and when you taste it you’ll taste the cognac and together it’s very nice, trust me.” 

Created by the renowned English designer Ross Lovegrove for Mumm Grand Cordon, the bottle of Mumm Olympe Rosé is a true technical feat. Its slender neck lends to the aromatic development of the wine, and its harmonious lines are accentuated by the iconic red sash set directly in the glass.

The new addition of the bottle together with Bolt’s role as Chief Entertainment Officer, is reflective of Mumm’s pioneering nature and provides proof of the brand’s inclination to be bold and unprecedented.

A master in his own right, Bolt is the most fitting icon of victory to drive Mumm’s value of excellence. His unmatched leadership in sport, ever-present bold attitude and his known celebrations of achievements are perfectly aligned with Maison Mumm’s motto of ‘Dare.Win.Celebrate’. In the venture of redefining the art of celebration, Bolt will be working with Mumm in innovating unique ways to celebrate victories both big and small.

Following Bolt’s speech, the media and honoured guests expressed enthusiasm for what is to come at Sun Met taking place on January 26, at the Kenilworth Racecourse in Cape Town. 

Speaking about the bottle, Mumm’s brand manager, Etienne Cassuto said, “We are excited to unveil the fruit of a two year collaboration with Usain Bolt, a champagne embodying the excellence of our craftsmanship and values of our Chief Entertainment Officer. Mumm Olympe Rosé is a unique and innovative champagne created for your daring celebrations.”

Cassuto further talked about his partnership as official sponsor of Sun Met and the exciting innovations that people can expect. The premium champagne brand G.H. Mumm, which entered the South African market almost five years ago, has grown exponentially in popularity and is taking lead in celebrations around the country.

Mumm, in partnership with Usain Bolt, is dedicated to exploring unprecedented ways of celebrating with their fans and Mumm Olympe Rosé is on its way to becoming emblematic.

G.H. Mumm’s #nextvictory is the ultimate celebrations cuvée, what’s yours? 

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