SA wine industry update: Govt deliberations, transport, farm visits & SAWIS operational activities

by | Apr 17, 2020 | Covid-19

Without underestimating the daily dose of information and COVID-19 regulations hitting the desks and lives of our members (producers and wineries), we really want to applaud and commend you in the way you are taking ownership and stepping up to the plate. A huge thank you, it is much appreciated.

We are operating in trying times. Please allow us to leave the following in your midst:


The wine industry’s Export Task Team has after the unexpected announcement yesterday that the transport of wine to port is no longer allowed, initiated urgent discussions with relevant National and Provincial Government Departments and related parties. This in an effort to obtain clarity and to ensure that a balance is struck between the safety of people and essential commerce.

These deliberations will continue over the weekend and we will keep you informed as new information becomes available with tangible outcomes.


Please continue to practice due care with regard to health and safety measures when transporting agri-workers. The SAPS and other law-officials are strict in this regard.

When you and/or members of your business are travelling, please make sure that everyone has a legal permit, ID-document and that the driver has a CIPC-certificate.

Note companies registered to perform essential services during the nationwide lockdown will need new certificates for the extended period from 17 to 30 April 2020.

The certificate will be sent via email to companies who registered prior to the extension using the details provided at the time of registration, from 17 April and continuing into the weekend. It will also be available for download. Certificates issued before 17 April will no longer be valid and must be disposed of, and new certificates need to be displayed from start of business on Monday, 20 April 2020.
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The majority of our members are operating in line with ethical codes (e g WIETA, SIZA, Fairtrade) and we have reason to believe that the principles will be executed accordingly.

However, inspectors of the Department of Employment and Labour (DoEL) are making unannounced visits and we trust these visits will be conducted in the same spirit as portrayed in the statement of the President (23/03/2020) – to be courageous, to be patient and above all, to show compassion.


SAWIS will continue to draw samples of market-ready wine, destined for the export market, for analysis purposes as part of the industry’s harvesting and storage activities. Refer to the wine export Q&A and SAWIS directive in this regard. As the situation remains fluid, SAWIS will continue to deliberate on these matters in collaboration with the Export Task Team and the Wine and Spirit Board and communicate any changes to the working procedures.

We will keep you updated on any further developments as they unfold.



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