Waterford soars with new High Tea Experience

by | May 13, 2021 | Article

After 23 years of specialising in wine, Waterford Wine Estate has decided to diversify its portfolio and become a premium ‘food destination’ in the Cape Winelands. The estate recently launched a High Tea Experience with chef Craig Cormack and Beau du Toit from SALT restaurant, at the helm.

During the pandemic, winemaker Kevin Arnold realised it was necessary to reintroduce themselves not only as a tasting room experience, but also as an experience where you can enjoy great cuisine. “Waterford’s memorable estate experiences – including a wine drive safari and Porcupine trail wine walk – are designed to evoke a unique sense of place and stimulate all five of your sense.”

The High Tea Experience is a progression of savoury and sweet delights. The menu includes oysters, macaron with smoked salmon trout, mushroom popcorn, salted red alaea fudge and more.

Craig Cormack and his business partner Beau du Toit launched SALT at the estate on Valentine’s Day this year. The restaurant is open from Tuesday through Sunday for lunch. “We stay away from big heavy menus and try to keep things simple. Everything on the menu is associated with salt. We have to savour the bits and pieces with the wine and enjoy the experience.”

Craig has been in the restaurant industry for the past 30 years, and has worked at most of the Cape’s top five-star properties, heading places like Ellerman House and Cape Grace, where they won the best small hotel in the world. He opened his own business with Bertus Basson in 2005, the business expanded into Overture restaurant, The Goose Roasters, Die Worsrol, Bertus Basson signature foods, and Amoleh salt.

Did you know? There are 220 salt varieties in the world. More than 184 varieties can be found in Craig’s kitchen.

“Craig has introduced a wonderful taste and flavour experience, which complements our wines at Waterford Estate. We’ve really enjoyed presenting this offering as a new, unique experience,” says Kevin.

As an experienced winemaker, Kevin believes that good wine starts with healthy vines and soils. He says well-kept vineyards determine the quality, style and consistency of your wine, “and if you treat your old vines with respect, it will deliver great wines.”



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