Recorking clinic increases iconic wines’ investment value

by | Sep 9, 2019 | News

Some of the Cape Winelands’ most precious collectable wines were recently given a new lease on life with an intricate recorking exercise. A precious line-up of rare vintage finds from the Tabernacle, South Africa’s most coveted wine vault, received brand new, taint-free, NDTech corks to guarantee the wines’ lifespan and increasing its value. The recorking process ensures the longevity of these South African wines within an international context by safeguarding their pristine condition for the exclusive Cape Fine & Rare Wine Auction taking place at the Rupert Museum on 18 and 19 October 2019 in Stellenbosch.

This certified process was conducted by Libertas Vineyard Estates in association with the world’s leading cork producer, Amorim Cork. “The process increases the value of these investment wines because it provides buyers with unmatched, certified quality. Several checks are put in place to ensure that the mature wines are still, and remains in, pristine condition,” says auction curators.



Delicate and intricate, the exercise was conducted by industry professionals Joaquim Sá, Managing Director of Amorim Cork South Africa, in consultation with wine industry expert Michael Fridjhon and sommelier Jean-Vincent Ridon.

Apart from unbeatable provenance, traceable directly to wine producers and the Tabernacle’s perfect cellaring conditions, wines are carefully inspected by industry professionals. Experts check the ullage and test the wines for any defects like cork, TCA, brett, maderization or other potential problems. Wines that do show signs of evaporation are topped up with wine from the same vintage ensuring a full bottle. Only wines warranting exceptional quality are submitted for the auction.

Recorked wines will be included as exclusive lots during the Cape Fine & Rare Wine Auction, including the treasures below:

Note: Final knock-down prices are inclusive of all premiums and free delivery within SA, excludes VAT.


Chateau Libertas 1959

Reserve price: R1,800

No. of lots: 1. No. of cases per lot: 1. Case size: 3 x 375ml
This rare investment wine fetched the highest bid in the history of the Nederburg Auction last year at R15 000 for a case of three 750ml bottles of the 1968 vintage. A solid investment for the serious collector.



Lanzerac Cabernet Sauvignon 1959

Reserve price: R2,000

No. of lots: 1. No. of cases per lot: 1. Case size: 2 x 750ml

One of South Africa’s noble wines, the Lanzerac Cabernet Sauvignon 1959 still offers remarkable freshness and precision. This wine is incredibly difficult to come by and it stands to reason why only one lot comprising of two bottles will be on offer.


Nederburg Cabernet Sauvignon 1971

Reserve price: R4,500

No. of lots: 1. No. of cases per lot: 1. Case size: 3 x 750ml

A noteworthy wine from the 1970s, the Nederburg Cabernet Sauvignon 1971 shows beautiful purity and, despite its age, youthfulness.



Nederburg Private Bin Edelkeur 1979

Reserve price: R1,500

No of lots: 2. First lot case per lot: 2. Second lot case per lot: 1 Case size: 3 x 375ml

Made by the legendary Günter Brözel, and the raison d’être for the Nederburg Auction, the famous sweet Edelkeurs of the 70s are well-represented with this rare gem.


Nederburg Private Bin Eminence 1989

Reserve price: R900

No. of lots: 2. No. of cases for each lot: 1. Case size: 3 x 375ml

As the last vintage made by Günter Brözel, it’s indeed a fine tribute to a celebrated career. Only two lots of this famous and scarce noble late harvest wine will be made available.



Oude Libertas Pinot Noir 1979

Reserve price: R4,800

No. of lots: 2. No. of cases for each lot: 1. Case size: 3 x 750ml

This is the first Pinot Noir vintage released by Oude Libertas, during a year deemed ‘exceptional’ for Pinot Noir, and even then, this elusive wine was only available in limited quantities. One of the last cases of this rare wine will be offered at the Cape Fine & Rare Wine Auction and is therefore a key opportunity to secure this investment piece. A classic for the era.



Rustenberg Wines’ Rustenberg Dry Red 1974

Reserve price: R2,000

No. of lots: 1. No. of cases per lot: 1. Case size: 2 x 750ml

Under the guidance of Cellar Master Etienne le Riche, Rustenberg became one of the Cape Winelands’ earliest leaders of red wines. The Rustenberg Dry Red is a Cabernet-Cinsaut blend and widely regarded as a wine from an iconic time, and one of the best vintages by this producer. The rarity is expressed in the limited opportunity to bid.


Zonnebloem Pinotage 1979

Reserve price: R6,000

No. of lots: 2. No. of cases per lot: 1. Case size: 6 x 750ml

An old Pinotage is something to behold, and Zonnebloem Pinotage 1979 is truly one of the finest wines made from South Africa’s signature grape. This wine’s age and rarity makes it one of the key lots.


Zonnebloem Cabernet Sauvignon 1969

Reserve price: R3,600

No. of lots: 2. No. of cases per lot: 1. Case size: 3 x 375ml

Equally iconic and valued for its scarcity, the Zonnebloem Cabernet Sauvignon 1969 is one of those rare bottles of wine of the 60s that is becoming increasingly difficult to find. The auction provides bidders one of the last chances to obtain this collector’s item.

Remarking on the quality of these wines, Fridjhon said: “It is amazing to taste how well these wines have been preserved, and how well these wines have stayed and been stored. Fifty or sixty years on, these long-dead winemakers have delivered to the next generation. (These bottles are) extraordinary and bring us in contact with a long past era.”

“These wines come from the precious wine vaults of Distell and it might be the last bottle of its kind remaining,” echoed Ridon.

Each of these wines are numbered with a unique seal bearing a traceable, alpha-numeric number. The recorked bottles’ new corks are also branded with a unique alpha-numeric number ensuring authenticity.



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