SA wine industry update: Cessation of wine transport will curb exports

by | Apr 16, 2020 | Covid-19

Following today’s media briefing and also referring to the Government Notice (16 April 2020) – amendment of regulation 8 of the regulations with heading, “Limitation on the sale, dispensing or transportation of liquor” – it is our understanding that the initial sub-regulations (Government Gazette Volume 654, Number 43107), have been amended, by the addition of sub-regulation (6).

In addition to this in a press release from the office of Minister Fikile Mbalula, confirmation that the transport of all alcohol products and the cessation of the transport of wine for export purposes is concluded.

This means that the supply of wine to ports or airports for export is hampered.

As an industry task team, we are deeply disappointed and shocked at this sudden change of direction, following extensive lobbying with various government agencies to relax the lockdown measures pertaining to the export and sale of alcohol. The livelihood and long-term future of our industry is in grave danger and therefore we will explore all avenues in this regard.

We endeavour to keep all our members informed as further information becomes available and implore each and every one of you to adhere to the newly imposed measures.

For feedback or more information, please contact:
Wines of South Africa


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