SA wine industry update: COVID-19 lockdown #7 – Dispensation to allow export of SA wine

by | Apr 7, 2020 | Covid-19

Following the release of the latest Government Gazette this afternoon, the South African wine industry would like to share a joint letter which will provide our members with some clarity pertaining to the exemptions mentioned therein.

Please also familiarise yourself with the loading procedures in warehouses and the preventative measures, from both a packaged and bulk perspective, which are included in the letter.

The Task Team will meet again tomorrow to gain clarity on certain further aspects as outlined in the abovementioned feedback document, and will communicate this to you as soon as more information is available.

We would furthermore like to take this opportunity to thank the Exporters Task Team for their hard work and diligence in getting to this stage and also to the respective government bodies who have taken the time to review our case and committed to the exemption.

We would like to re-emphasise the severity of the global Covid-19 pandemic and ask that every business and person in our industry strictly adhere to the regulations as set out by the South African Government and take extra precautions to ensure the safety of their employees during the 21 day lockdown.





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