SA Young Wine Show’s regional champions announced

by | Aug 18, 2021 | Article, News

For the first time in the history of the SA Young Wine Show, the organisers — in collaboration with with the various wine regions — have decided to announce all the regional champion winners simultaneously. See results below.

The national champions, selected from the regional winners, will be announced on 30 August, along with the winners of the General Smuts Trophy for the Best Young Wine of 2021 and the Pietman Hugo Trophy, awarded to the cellar with the five best entries.

The decision was made to dispel any possible confusion over the announcement of regional champions in their eight respective regions. The results of the regional champions is therefore seen as a build-up to the national winners.

All young wine entries are judged by 14 panels according to class division. The best wine from each of the 17 class divisions is presented to a new panel, who then selects the best wine to compete for the overall champion wine of the year. 

This year, 1,162 wines were entered by 86 cellars, with 45 class winners and 73 gold medal winners.

The SA Young Wine Show is one of the oldest wine competitions in the world, dating back to 1833 and is now in its 189th year. Agri-Expo has been actively involved in this competition as the owner of the Young Wine Show and has also maintained its commitment as patron.

Agri-Expo also entrusted the SA National Wine Show Association (SANWSA) with a particularly impressive collection of gold and silver trophies awarded annually to the winning winemakers.

2021 Young Wine Regional Champions


Champion Dry White Blend: Badsberg Chardonnay/Colombar (wooded) | Reserve Champion: Stettyn ​Chenin Blanc/Sauvignon Blanc /Viognier (unwooded)

Champion Chenin Blanc: De Wet Chenin Blanc (unwooded) | Reserve Champion: Badsberg Chenin Blanc (wooded)

Champion Chardonnay: Nuy Chardonnay (wooded) | Reserve Champion: Merwida Chardonnay (unwooded)

Champion Sauvignon Blanc: Cilmor Sauvignon Blanc (wooded) | Reserve Champion: Botha Sauvignon Blanc (unwooded)

Champion Sémillon: Brandvlei Sémillon (unwooded) | Reserve Champion: Cilmor Sémillon (wooded)

Champion Other White: Stettyn Viognier (unwooded) | Reserve Champion: Brandvlei Nouvelle (unwooded)

Champion Natural Sweet White Table Wine: Badsberg SLH | Reserve Champion: Badsberg Natural Sweet White Wine

Champion Noble Late Harvest: Badsberg NLH (unwooded) 

Champion Red Blend: Brandvlei Pinotage/Merlot/Tannat (unwooded) | Reserve Champion: Botha Cabernet Sauvignon/Merlot/Shiraz/Pinotage/Durif (wooded)

Champion Pinotage: Badsberg Pinotage (wooded) | Reserve Champion: uniWines Pinotage (wooded)

Champion Merlot: De Wet Cellar Merlot (unwooded) | Reserve Champion: Badsberg Merlot (wooded)

Champion Shiraz: Mountain Ridge Shiraz (wooded) | Reserve Champion: Brandvlei Shiraz (unwooded)

Champion Other Red: Badsberg Durif (unwooded) | Reserve Champion: Badsberg Ruby Cabernet (wooded)

Champion Muscat Fortified: At the Doorns Red Muscadel Jerepiko | Reserve Champion: Badsberg White Muscadel Jerepiko / Red Muscadel Jerepiko

Champion Non-Muscat Fortified Wine: Botha White Jerepiko | Reserve Champion: Badsberg Red Jerepiko

Champion Port style: At the Doorns | Reserve Champion: De Wet Cape Ruby

Cellar with best 5 nominated wines: 1st place: Badsberg; 2nd place: De Wet; 3rd place: Merwida

Champion wine: Badsberg Chardonnay/Colombar (wooded) | Reserve Champion: Nuy Chardonnay (wooded)



Champion Chardonnay: Montagu Chardonnay (unwooded) | Reserve Champion: Montagu Chardonnay (wooded)

Champion Chenin Blanc: Montagu Wine & Spirits Chenin Blanc (unwooded) | Reserve Champion: Jakkalsvlei Chenin Blanc (wooded)

Champion Colombar: Montagu Colombar (unwooded) | Reserve Champion: Montagu Colombar (unwooded)

Champion Sauvignon Blanc: Montagu Sauvignon Blanc (unwooded) | Reserve Champion: De Krans Sauvignon Blanc (unwooded)

Champion Dry White Table Wine: Montagu Sauvignon Blanc (unwooded) | Reserve Champion: Jakkalsvlei Roussanne (wooded)

Champion Natural Sweet Table Wine: Montagu Colombar (RS 5.1-12g / l)

Champion Cabernet Sauvignon: Montagu Cabernet Sauvignon (wooded) |Reserve Champion: Montagu Cabernet Sauvignon (unwooded)

Champion Merlot: Montagu Merlot (unwooded) | Reserve Champion: Montagu Merlot (unwooded)

Champion Pinotage: Montagu Pinotage (unwooded)

Champion Ruby Cabernet: Montagu Ruby Cabernet (unwooded) | Reserve Champion: Montagu Ruby Cabernet (unwooded)

Champion Shiraz: Montagu Shiraz (wooded) | Reserve Champion: Montagu Shiraz (unwooded)

Champion Red Table Wine: Montagu Ruby Cabernet (unwooded) | Reserve Champion: Montagu Shiraz (wooded)

Champion Non-Muscat Fortified Wine: De Krans | Reserve Champion: Excelsior Red Jerepiko

Champion Muscat Fortified Wine: Montagu Red Muscadel Jerepiko | Reserve Champion: Calitzdorp Hanepoot Jerepiko

Champion Wine: Montagu Red Muscadel Jerepiko | Reserve Champion: De Krans Port-style

Champion Producer’s Cellar: Montagu | Reserve Champion: Montagu Wine & Spirits

Champion Private Cellar: De Krans | Reserve Champion: Jakkalsvlei 



Champion Dry Blend White Table Wine: KWV Sauvignon Blanc/Verdelho

Champion Chenin Blanc: Wellington Wines Chenin Blanc (unwooded)

Champion Wood Coated Chenin Blanc: Windmeul Chenin Blanc (wooded)

Champion Chardonnay: Babylonstoren Chardonnay (wooded)

Champion Sauvignon Blanc: KWV Sauvignon Blanc (unwooded)

Champion Other Dry White: La Motte Sémillon (unwooded)

Champion Dry Rosé en Blanc De Noir: KWV rosé

Champion Natural Sweet White Table Wine: Perdeberg Chenin Blanc (wooded)

Champion Pinotage: Wellington Wines Pinotage (wooded)

Champion Merlot: Wellington Wines Merlot (wooded)

Champion Shiraz: KWV Shiraz (wooded)

Champion Cabernet Sauvignon: Windmeul Cabernet Sauvignon (wooded)

Champion Cinsaut: Wellington Wines Cinsaut (wooded)

Champion Red Blend: KWV Shiraz/Cabernet Sauvignon/Petit Sirah/Petit Verdot/Cabernet Franc (wooded)

Champion Other Red Cultivars: Perdeberg Malbec (unwooded)

Champion Muscat Fortified Wine: Perdeberg Hanepoot Jerepiko

Champion Wine Franschhoek area: La Motte Sémillon (unwooded)

Champion Wine Paarl area: KWV Shiraz/Cabernet Sauvignon/Petit Sirah/Petit Verdot/Cabernet Franc (wooded)

Champion wine Wellington area: Wellington Wines Pinotage (wooded)

Cellar who achieved most points with 5 entries: KWV

Champion Wine: KWV Shiraz/Cabernet Sauvignon/Petit Sirah/Petit Verdot/Cabernet Franc (wooded)



Champion Sauvignon Blanc: Teubes Sauvignon Blanc (unwooded)

Champion White Cultivar: Teubes Sauvignon Blanc (unwooded)

Champion Red Blend: Namaqua Spruitdrift Shiraz/Pinotage (unwooded)

Champion Pinotage: Namaqua Spruitdrift Pinotage (unwooded)

Champion Merlot: Klawer Merlot (wooded)

Champion Shiraz: Namaqua Spruitdrift Shiraz (wooded)

Champion Dry Red Cultivar (Wooded): Namaqua Spruitdrift Shiraz (wooded)

Champion Dry Red Cultivar (Unwooded): Namaqua Spruitdrif Malbec (unwooded)

Producer Trophy: Teubes

Champion Wine: Namaqua Spruitdrif Malbec (unwooded)



Champion Dry white and rosé: OWK Keimoes Irsay Oliver/Colombar (unwooded) | Reserve Champion: OWK Kakamas Colombar (wooded)

Champion Semi-Sweet White and rosé: OWK Keimoes Straw wine (wooded) & OWK Keimoes Irsay Oliver

Champion Red Wine: OWK Upington Shiraz (wooded) | Reserve Champion: OWK Grootdrink Ruby Cabernet/Merlot

Champion Non-Muscat Fortified Wine: OWK Keimoes Red Jerepiko

Champion Muscat Fortified Wine: OWK Keimoes White Muscadel Jerepiko (wooded) | Reserve Champion: OWK Keimoes Red Muscadel Jerepiko (wooded)



Champion Dry White Blend: Robertson Sauvignon Blanc/Colombard (unwooded)

Champion Chenin Blanc: Van Loveren Chenin Blanc (wooded)

Champion Sauvignon Blanc: Ashton Sauvignon Blanc (unwooded)

Champion Chardonnay: Van Loveren Chardonnay (wooded)

Champion Colombar: Ashton Colombar (Wooded)

Champion Sweet White Wine: Ashton Colombar/Morio Muscat

Champion Other White Cultivar: Robertson Nouvelle (wooded)

Champion Noble Late Harvest: Bon Courage Noble Late Harvest (unwooded)

Champion Dry Red Blend: Rooiberg Pinotage/Cabernet Sauvignon/Shiraz (wooded)

Champion Pinotage: Rooiberg Pinotage (wooded)

Champion Shiraz: Roodezandt Shiraz (unwooded)

Champion Cabernet Sauvignon: Bonnievale Cabernet Sauvignon (wooded)

Champion Merlot: Van Loveren Merlot (wood)

Champion Pinot Noir: Roodezandt Pinot Noir (unwooded)

Champion Other Red Cultivar: Robertson Koop Ruby Cabernet (unwooded)

Muscadel Champion: Ashton Morio Muscat

Cellar who achieved most points with 5 entries: Ashton

Champion Wine: Ashton Colombar (wooded)



Champion White Blend: Spier Sauvignon Blanc/Sémillon (unwooded)

Champion Chardonnay: Benguela Cove Chardonnay (wooded)

Champion Chenin Blanc: Spier Chenin Blanc (wooded)

Champion Sauvignon Blanc: Stellenbosch Hills Sauvignon Blanc (unwooded)

Champion Natural Sweet White:  Spier NLH (wooded)

Champion White Table Wine: Spier Chenin Blanc (wooded)

Champion Red Blend (Unwooded): Vergelegen Cabernet Sauvignon/Merlot/Petit Verdot (unwooded)

Champion Red Blend (Wooded): Spier Shiraz/Cabernet Sauvignon (wooded)

Champion Cabernet Sauvignon (Unwooded): Benguela Cove Cabernet Sauvignon (unwooded)

Champion Cabernet Sauvignon (Wooded): Benguela Cove Cabernet Sauvignon (wooded)

Champion Pinotage: Koelenhof Pinotage (unwooded)

Champion Shiraz: Kleine Zalze Shiraz (wooded)

Champion Other Red Cultivar: Flagstone Pinot Noir (wooded)

Champion Red Table Wine: Kleine Zalze Shiraz (wooded)



Champion Dry White Blend: Pulpit Rock Sauvignon Blanc/Chenin Blanc/Nouvelle (unwooded)

Champion Chenin Blanc: Darling Chenin Blanc (unwooded)

Champion Sauvignon Blanc: Darling Sauvignon Blanc (unwooded)

Champion Other White Cultivar: Pulpit Rock Wines Nouvelle (unwooded) & Darling Sémillon (wooded)

Champion Natural Sweet Wine: Darling Sauvignon Blanc/Grenache

Champion Dry Red Blend: Pulpit Rock Cabernet Sauvignon/Merlot/Shiraz (unwooded)

Champion Pinotage: Pulpit Rock Pinotage (unwooded)

Champion Shiraz: Darling Shiraz (unwooded)

Champion Merlot: Pulpit Rock Merlot (wooded)

Champion Cabernet Sauvignon: Darling Cabernet Sauvignon (unwooded)

Champion Cinsaut: Pulpit Rock Cinsaut (unwooded)

Champion Other Red Cultivar: Babylon’s Peak Carignan (wooded)

Champion Fortified Wine: Allesverloren Cape Vintage

Cellar who achieved most points with 5 entries: Darling

Champion Wine: Pulpit Rock Merlot (wooded).


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