Amy Kleinhans-Curd unveils limited edition Jan Harmsgat MCC

by | Nov 29, 2019 | News

From the deck of her own yacht, former Miss South Africa Amy Kleinhans-Curd launched a limited edition Méthode Cap Classique (MCC) — called Amelia — from the Jan Harmsgat (JHG) collection.


Former Miss South Africa Amy Kleinhans-Curd with her limited edition JHG MCC.


Amy took distinguished guests and media on a cruise around Cape Town to celebrate the launch of her new MCC.

Even though it’s been three years in the making, Amy says great things take time.

“Launching my own MCC produced for JHG is like a dream come true. It’s my baby!” says the first Miss South Africa of colour who won the prestigious crown in 1992.

She adds that the process of maturing, getting great quality and understanding the character of an MCC was an amazing experience.

The JHG Brut rosé consists of a single block Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.

The process was a personal one for the former beauty queen and philanthropist. The label – designed by her daughter Phillipa – features an oil painting created by Amy herself.

“The birth and celebration of this physical product is born from an idea that started four years ago. It has been amazing and I hope others can learn about the process too.”


Mother and daughter team: Phillipa Curd and Amy Kleinhans-Curd.


From the ground up

Bringing JHG to where it is today took a lot of hard work, says Amy. “We had to surround ourselves with experts that we could tap into for advice.”

Amy has never shied away from putting her hand up and asking for advice or even acknowledge when she’s made a mistake.

“I think that is the success rate acceleration of JHG. We don’t know it all but we have teachable hearts.”



Upskilling of employees important

She says it’s important to look after employees. “That’s the most important. You are nothing without your staff.”

As a former teacher, Amy says education and upskilling is her number one priority.

“Our employees can be upskilled from a mother that’s been working on the farm for 20 years to her children who can matriculate and go on to a tertiary education environment.”

She says paying it forward is one of her pillars in life.

“If you leave, you know who you are leaving behind, so you come back to enrich their lives.”

“It’s been an incredible journey for everyone on the farm because I tell them: If I can, anyone can.”


Representation of women

According to Amy the representation of women in the industry is paramount. 

“I really do believe women bring a different perspective to the table and point of negotiation when I comes to winemaking or even something like irrigation.”

She says it’s imperative for any organisation to have equal representation of men and women at your table because only then can you reach the real dream.


JHG wine philosophy

Amy describes JHG’s wine philosophy as “a solid mindful appreciation of something beautiful, made artistically.”

She says if you understand the love and attention that goes into making a beautiful wine then you have the sense of appreciation and gratitude of the winemaker. “That thought and dedication is everything for me.”


What’s next?

Amy loves the evolution of turning a thought into a dream, putting it on a vision board, writing down ideas and how it will happen.

“Whatever I intend on doing will have a good measure of research. It’s important for me to fully understand what’s going to market. I will love it and I will use it.”

“There’s a lot behind the curtains and I’m not saying a thing but it will be awesome, well researched and good quality products,” she concludes.


WineLand journalist Lisa Lottering poses with Amy Kleinhans-Curd.





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