’s new marketing campaign urges industry to tackle underage drinking

by | Dec 17, 2020 | News

In line with‘s Social Compact: Underage ID Age Verification programme commitment and with an increased focus by government on the scourge of Underage Drinking in South Africa, there is a clear need as industry, to prioritise the visible compliance to the legal requirement of no underage alcohol sales. The importance of establishing a Voluntary Trade Compliance Community (in both in-store and online environments) is of critical importance. This matter also has direct touch points for the Code of Communication and our ongoing review and strengthening of the Code as presented at our workshop on 4th  December 2020.

As reported, has developed an Underage ID Verification Toolkit for use on digital and social media platforms, as well as in physical trade and retail environments. The toolkit was designed to demonstrate visible and voluntary compliance to not sell alcohol to minors and to alert the trade, retailers, adults/legal consumers and related parties to the law that applies in this regard. By demonstrating compliance through all marketing channels and at point of sale, this provides a proof point of the organisation’s collective consciousness and broader industry commitment to reduce alcohol-related harm.

Below, industry members can download the Underage ID Age Verification toolkit logo elements, including a style guide for your reference and implementation. The guide indicates the application of the UAD Age Verification logo – in its various applicable formats – on all alcohol marketing collateral (as is applicable). The logo developed allows for universal and collective application which in turn will show Industry’s combined commitment in ensuring that alcohol is not sold to anyone under the age of 18. This initiative has been shared with the National Liquor Authority’s Ms. Prea Ramdhuny, as part of industry’s commitment to addressing underage drinking. urges industry for its active support, collaboration and adoption of the above. The organisation is available to assist with related artwork/application queries and requirements. For any additional applications, for example, on print etc. please contact on 010 110 7160 or email

Toolkit links: have supplied both a WeTransfer and OneDrive link to the toolkit for ease of access. Please note that the logo and its variants may only be used for the purpose in which it is intended – being the demonstrable and visible voluntary commitment against underage alcohol sales in trade and retail channels and environments. Herewith links for download:

WeTransfer –

OneDrive –  Underage ID Verification Elements for Members

Distribution of physical Underage ID Age Verification collateral:

In line with the distribution model that we used for the PPE, i.e. SAB and Distell, the following have been delivered to SAB and Distell for distribution to the trade:

  • 40,000 units of Age Verification decals for in-store use
  • 10,000 rolls of Age Verification stickers (100 x stickers per roll) for trader and retailer staff to affix to their clothing, to be worn during trading hours

Also included is the Provincial Liquor Boards in the five provinces that are actively engaged in.

Please note that retail members will be getting an allocation of the above, as well as the toolkit logo elements, including a style guide; and have been engaged separately in this regard.




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