How does my business practices compare to fellow producers in my region?

by | Jun 30, 2017 | Production

The VinPro Production Plan 2017-team invites all producers to join the production plan study.   Learn how you can optimise your business and excel as a successful wine producer.

The 2017 VinPro Production plan study kicks off on 25 July 2017. The Production Plan Survey – a voluntary financial analysis among wine producers – provides critical financial indicators at both industry and regional level, which is recognised, distributed and used as an authoritative benchmark throughout the industry.

The 2016 VinPro Production Plan survey was conducted for the 13th consecutive year in the wine industry. The 2016 survey consisted of 235 farming units from all nine wine districts. The 2016 sample consisted of 22 790 ha (23% of the total South African area planted to wine grapes in 2015), producing 400 285 tons (29% of the total South African crop in 2016).

Participation is free and voluntary and all information is strictly confidential.

The survey involves an import meeting in the producers’ regions during July and August, explaining the format/ process and providing input questionnaires to participants. After submission of the completed questionnaires, the results are processed, and during a series of feedback sessions in the respective regions during November, each producer receives their own results, measured by industry, region and top third.

VinPro’s agricultural economists, Andries van Zyl and Pieter van Niekerk, are available for individual assistance to complete these questionnaires, where necessary. Don’t miss out on this valuable project!

Contact Soria Muir at 023 347 1566 or e-mail by 20 July 2017 in order to be invited to the first series of production plan sessions in your district.



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