STIHL: A versatile investment

by | Oct 1, 2020 | Wineland

The STIHL SR 450 is a versatile mistblower that is typically used in wine production and crop growing – especially fruit and vegetables – as well as flower growing and forestry.

Ease of use

“Being able to use equipment comfortably and safely all day is imperative for STIHL,” explains Werner Nuss, export and business development manager at STIHL SA. “It has an anti-vibration system specially developed to reduce the effect of movement from the engine at the handles. This vibration could have a long-term impact on blood vessels in the hands and arms of the operator.”

Another plus is that it’s easy to start, with the additional safety of STIHL ElastoStart, which reduces the shock caused by the compression of the engine during starting. This compression shock is directed away from the user’s joints and muscles through a spring or rubber element in the starter handle. “The SR 450 is lightweight, less than 13 kg, and like all STIHL mistblowers is equipped with an ergonomic carrying system, with shoulder straps that ensure that the weight is evenly distributed across the shoulders and back for maximum user comfort,” says Werner. “The multi-function control handle is easy to use and the thumb-operated control means the operator’s hand never leaves the handle.” The SR 450 comes standard with cone, deflection and double-deflection mesh screens.

Versatile in the vineyard

The SR 450 converts from a mistblower to a duster quickly and easily. Its 14-litre spray tank means fewer stops for refilling and the larger filler opening reduces spillage. Spraying overhead is possible when it’s equipped with a pressure pump. This unit can also have optional ULV (ultra-low volume) nozzles fitted to produce very fine droplets when applying. In the dusting and spreading mode, plant protection products can be applied over a wide area in powder form or as dry granulate, up to 5 mm grain size.

It’s ideal for spraying liquids and also dry dusting, with a maximum spray range of 14.5 metres. Its 2-in-1 conversion mechanism allows it to switch between spraying and dusting without a separate conversion kit, so it’s perfect for applying fungicides, herbicides and pesticides at ground level.

Safety first

Electrostatic charging with sparking can occur when working with dusting and spreading attachments. The risk is greatest in extremely dry weather conditions when using powdered products, which create a highly concentrated dust cloud. The SR 450’s antistatic system means it’s safe to use under these conditions. The system consists of a conductive wire in the spray tube connected to a metal chain. The metal chain makes contact with the conductive surface to dissipate electrostatic charges, reducing the risk of sparking, explosion or fire.

“STIHL sells exclusively through a nationwide network of over 220 specialist servicing dealers, who ensure our customers receive expert advice, training and after-sales-service for total confidence in our products, says Werner. “STIHL constantly invests in R&D to make the job easier, safer and more comfortable – this is what makes our products unique and constant leaders in the agricultural and other sectors.”

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