Agrico: Efficient, robust and economical

by | Jun 29, 2020 | Wineland

With over 50 years’ experience as a sprayer manufacturer, Agrico has introduced several technical advances to its range of blower sprayers to set them apart from other sprayers. They still however offer the same great value for money and reliability.


The range comprises four models: the SM 400 and SM 630 mounted sprayers, and the SB 1000 and SB 1600 drawn models. Most vineyard producers opt for the SB 1000 which has a 1 000-litre PE tank and is equipped with a locally assembled, highly efficient 630-mm fan that displaces 54 000 m3/h air. The sprayer comes with a 70 litre/min piston diaphragm pump with 12 adjustable double-sided nozzles. The pump and fan require only 11 kW. To pull the load across the terrain, the tractor of course needs more power and sufficient traction.

The SB 1600 has a tank capacity of 1 600 litres. It comes with a dual-speed 800-mm fan with airflow of up to 68 000 m3/h. Another upgrade is a 154 litre/min pump with 18 nozzles. The pump and fan still only require 20 kW. This sprayer can be used for vineyards or orchards.

Both drawn models offer the following advantages:

  • The blade design and angles have been optimised so the new fan needs less power and therefore saves fuel. It also runs much quieter.
  • The fan is made of a lightweight composite and doesn’t need a clutch, saving time and money when it comes to maintenance.
  • The fan assembly is slanted forwards and upwards slightly. This installation angle prevents vibration, resulting in a longer life expectancy of the pump, driveline, gearbox and fan. The fan also sucks in less dust and leaves from the ground.
  • The driveline is not in a tunnel and therefore easily accessible for maintenance.
  • Frames and fans are galvanised, preventing rust.
  • A short turning radius dispenses with the disadvantages of a hinging drawbar or special drive shafts.
  • The tank is made of durable polyethylene and the design prevents the pump from sucking in air on slopes.
  • Effective agitation is provided in the tank.
  • Durable Bertolini piston diaphragm pumps are standard. These can be used with corrosive chemicals as the diaphragms shield the mechanical parts of the pump from the liquid that is pumped.
  • A 40-litre clean water/hand wash tank is standard.
  • Quick couplings for optional hand lines are standard. This facilitates the use of cleaning guns, under tree sprayers and firefighting guns. The gearbox has a neutral position so the fan remains stationary during such an operation.
  • Filters with automatic shut-off valves prevent the tank from draining when the filter is cleaned. The sprayer has a separate filling/draining valve.

Agrico and Afgri (in the Western Cape) have an extensive branch network that sells and supports the full range of sprayer products. This includes accessories and options such as the range of Agrico pressure sprayers, boom sprayers, high-pressure cleaners, pumps, spray booms and hand guns.

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