Winetech’s new book on canned wines a first for South Africa

by | Nov 18, 2021 | Article, News

In a first for South African wine publications, Winetech launched a brand-new book detailing the science and technical know-how behind the production of canned wines.

The book was launched at the annual Technical Seminar of the Sauvignon Blanc Association of South Africa held at Allée Bleue on 17 November.

The Winemaker’s Guide to Wine in a Can is a collaborative effort between industry organisation Winetech, the book’s author Dr Carien Coetzee (Basic Wine) and leading supplier of oenological products and solutions, Enartis South Africa.

The book is published in two parts, with part one giving a holistic view of aluminium packaging and part two detailing the more intricate and technical aspects required for producing wine that’s destined for cans.


Dr Carien Coetzee from Basic Wine, author of ‘The Winemaker’s Guide to Wine in a Can’.


Author, Dr Carien Coetzee, completed her PhD in Oenology at Stellenbosch University’s Department of Viticulture and Oenology. Her research focused on the effect of winemaking techniques on wine composition and quality with a particular focus on aroma compounds and its development during winemaking and ageing. She has subsequently made the shift to industry by establishing her own consulting business, Basic Wine.

Canned wines have gained serious traction in the international market in recent years. Last year Euromonitor estimated the can market at 295 million units and predicts it will hit 440 million by 2024. But for most winemakers in South Africa, it’s a relatively new concept.

According to Carien, there are various factors to consider with regard to aluminium packaging, as well as producing wine specifically for this format.

“All wines made for cans can also be packaged in glass bottles, but not all wines prepared for glass bottles can be canned.”

It is important for winemakers to understand the risks associated with canned wines, as post packaging wine faults can harm potential market growth.


The book consolidates information obtained from scientific research, personal communication with companies Nampak Bevcan, Enartis USA, Tiny Keg Can Co and three international reviewers: Neil Scrimgeour and Dr Eric Wilkes from The Australian Wine Research Institute, as well as Prof Gavin Sacks from Cornell University.

The book was conceptualised and published by Winetech, an independent South African wine industry body responsible for funding research and development, innovation, knowledge transfer and training in the South African wine industry.

Says Winetech’s oenology knowledge transfer coordinator Karien O’Kennedy, “the combination of scientific facts and practical guidelines presented in this book, makes it the perfect resource for winemakers who want to venture down this exciting new wine avenue.”

A printed copy of the book will be distributed to winemakers in South Africa by Enartis free of charge and a digital version of the book is available for download from the Winetech website.


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