Winetech 2022 transfer of knowledge to cellar assistants – a new approach

by | May 1, 2022 | Practical in the cellar, Winetech Technical

The Winetech study groups and senior workshops have made an important contribution through the years to the transfer of knowledge to cellar assistants. After the recent challenges faced by the industry, it became necessary to critically evaluate the cellar assistant programmes to determine how to achieve goals with the reduced available funds. Tough decisions have been made to ensure continuous successful knowledge transfer to cellar assistants, but to stay relevant and still add value to the careers of cellar assistants in the industry.

Feedback received from participating cellars over the past two years confirmed the serious need for the development of practical knowledge of cellar assistants. Therefore, Winetech will host a comprehensive information day in 2022 and a broad range of topics will give cellar assistants the opportunity to increase their knowledge on different levels.

The information day will take place on the morning of 21 June at the Cavalli Estate, Stellenbosch. Well-known viti- and viniculturists Lucinda Heyns, Karien O’Kennedy, Elzette du Preez and Lida Malandra will present the programme in Afrikaans and English.


The topics include:

  • Climate change – what does it entail and how can we be prepared?
  • Why do we make the choices in the cellar we do?
  • Different methods to cold stabilise wines.
  • Factors influencing wine aroma.
  • An independent, registered social worker will do a presentation about responsible conflict management.


Participation in the information day is free, but advance booking is essential as the number of participants is limited due to Covid regulations.


– For more information, please contact Santi Basson at 072 298 8186 or


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